Plant Growth Chambers/Environment Control Chambers

Vista plant Growth Chambers/Environment Control Chambers for specific use of Tissue/Gene Culture are designed and installed on user specific parameters and requirements. Microprocessor Monitors and Controllers are integrated with audio visual alarm systems to control and monitor parameters of Humidity Light and Temperature.Hermitically sealed and polished outside wall with puff insulation with aluminium or S.S. inside. Double glass-Hatch/Peep windows are provided for monitoring without resorting to frequent door opening. Working places are designed as per user requirement. These could be various types of Tissue Culture Castor Racks of fixed/rotatable/adjustable shelves, Slotted angle tables, wire mesh, plastic, MS/SS tables corrugated flat sheets with plastic or FRP Glass top. These Chambers are normally designed for temperatures ranging between -20 C to 45 C Humidity 40% to 90%,light intensity upto 40 K Lux with Specially designed heavy duty cooling units

Code No Area Price
V-02201 12 Cubic ft 1,26,000
V-02202 64 Cubic ft 6,04,600
V-02203 336 Cubic ft 9,48,800
V-02204 729 Cubic ft 18,52,701
V-02205 800 Cubic ft 20,12,811


Vista specializes in design and manufacturing of walk-in Chambers of different sizes, temperatures ranging from -20 degree C to 35 degree C +/-0.5 degree C achieved through specialized Cooling Systems on user specific designs.Parameters are Controlled, Monitored and Data acquired through Vista Microprocessor Contolling Systems.

  • Seed Banks, Low Temp.(5 degree C) & low Humidity(30% RH).
  • Banana Ripening Chambers.
  • Betal leaf storage Chambers.
  • Co2 evaluation chambers.
  • Cold Storage Systems for Research and Commercial purposes.

Code No Area Price
V-02250 216 Cubic ft 3,45,600
V-02251 336 Cubic ft 5,04,000
V-02252 560 Cubic ft 6,56,800
V-02253 800 Cubic ft 7,43,400
V-02254 960 Cubic ft 8,02,872
V-02255 3840 Cubic ft 11,92,700
V-02256 3840 Cubic ft 11,92,700


Designed to provide a wide range of conditions to study the growth of organisms, plants under the tropical/temperature and summer/winter conditions, irrespective of room temperature. Heating and cooling temperature range 5 degree C to 50 degree C with +/- 1 degree C control accuracy finds its use in :-

  • Biological labs for preservation of vaccines (insulin, liver extracts etc)
  • Serological and compliment fixation tests
  • Enzymatic digestion process and
  • General low temperature uses in Physical/Chemical labs

Code No Area Price
V-03001 4 Cubic ft 48,600
V-03002 6 Cubic ft 53,800
V-03003 10 Cubic ft 60,500
V-03004 12 Cubic ft 65,300
V-03005 15 Cubic ft 82,500

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