Green House / Screen Houses / Mist Chambers / Transgenic Containment Facilities

Poly House Green House Tissue Culture Lab

VISTA Green Houses have been following and updating State of The Art Technology comparable with International Standards since 1996. From Snow Bound Areas,Rajasthan Deserts and High Altitudes to High Humid Areas, these Installations have been functioning to their optimum efficiency eversince. Temperatures of Green House between 8 degree C to 35 degree C, Humidity 40% to 90% and PAR lights to vary day/night lengths are being achieved throughout the year irrespective of ambients. Parameters are Controlled, Monitored and Recorded on line through Vista Microprocessor Control Panels/Data acquisition systems and Monitors, with interfaces even from distant user Work Station.

Shapes.A)Dome shape B)Even span C)Multi span D)Saw tooth.

Code No Area Price
V-02101 20 Sqm 2,90,000
V-02102 30 Sqm 4,05,000
V-02103 50 Sqm 6,25,000
V-02104 100 Sqm 11,50,000
V-02105 250 Sqm 26,25,000
V-02106 300 Sqm 28,50,000

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