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    ECS Green Houses

    Dome Shape, Even Spain, Multi Spain Sow Tooth.Auto controlling systems for Temperature, Humidity Light, Recording Facility Available.

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    Transgenic Glass House with BSL-III Facility House

    Dome/ Even Shape, Temperature Range 25° to 45°C pressure module with Humidity 60 to 90 %. Auto controlling system for Temperature, Humidity and Photoperiodic Data Logger.

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    Natural Ventilated Poly House

    The Tropical Designed Specially for growers that required natural ventilation, the designed of structure built in corp support system while enabling heats .Fogging and Drip irrigation systems, and farmer growing off season crops.

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    Hybrid Poly House with Containment Technology

    To escape through the roof vent, Easy to construct complete assembly with hardware for required size. Poly house with ECS automatics wall vent, side wall vents curtain systems to improve the crops.

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    Tissue Culture Lab

    Tissue Culture is New technology state of the Art tissue culture facilities with Growth rooms, media preparation room, Inoculation room, transfer room and herding chamber, wishing room, Autoclave room; net house will be must for tissue culture for Harding. Temperature range 22°C to 28°C and Humidity 55% to 90%,

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    Tissue Culture Growth Rack with Led Lights

    Tissue culture Growth rack of excellent quality culture racks used for the culture of plant tissues. These tissue culture racks are available with four,five, six, seven working shelves Each shelves individual on/off switch.

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    Humidity Controllers

    Real Time microprocessor based. On/Off control for Humidifying / Dehumidifying. Hysteresis /Differential 1 % - 9%. Delay timer 0-240 sec.Direct / Reverse selectable Lock functions to prevent miss operating. Feather touches operation.

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    Air-Conditioner for Bio-Tech

    CFM of air moment per sq. ft. area, (as per bio safety guidelines) acquired by using power saving compressor (Copeland make) with low voltage start with PTCR, grooved copper tubing, cooling capacity 18300 BTU/Hr., Accumulator, Drier to achieve temperature 22C - 30C ± 2C will be provided.

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    SS Bench (for Gren/House/Poly House/Mist Chamber)

    SS Bench Size 8' x 2' x3' Table Frame : 38mm x 38mm SS top strappings : 15mm x15mm SS non magnetic 304 grade. Distance Between Two pipes: 2" Design for Root trainers and pots. Anti corrosive and humidity resistsnt.

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    Dosing Systems

    Dosing systems is the effective way to increase the yield and quality of a crop by feeding the plant according to its specific ever-changing needs. To provide the right amount of water and nutrient at the right time.