Temperature Controller

A large number of versions in different models are available depending on load, usage and display.Microclimatic,Microprocessor, Digital, Axiomatic and Analogue ones are mostly used. Maximum of 3 different Cooling Systems and one Thermal Unit can be Controlled.Vista Controllers have inbuilt High Voltage/Low Voltage safety devices, as also High Thermal cut off devices incorporated with calibrated Pt 100 sensors

Microprocessor Temperature Controller(V-02401):-

Real time microprossor based user programmable controller with 4 digit LED display for displaying measured values and another 4 digit LED display setting, feather touch operation.

Microclimatic Temperature Controller(V-02402):-

Real time microprocessor based Temperature controller range 0.1 - 59 degree C 4 independent power output.

Digital Temperature Controller(V-02403):-

Temperature range 0.1 - 59 degree C with accuracy +/- 1 degree C, resolution 0.1 display 3 1/2 digits, 0.5'', 7 segment red LED. Temp setting by front panel key switch and Trimpot. Sensor Pt.100 F(A class) with 5m cord

Analogue Temperature Controller(V-02404):-

Temperature 0 - 50 degree C , accuracy +/- 2 degree C, delay 2 min for 1.5 Ton air-conditioner and 4.4 KVA heater, directly connected to output.

Temperature Controller(Tissue Culture)(V-02405):-

Critically designed for Tissue Culture labs. Special feature of thermal safety to prevent Culture attrition Controlling all three Parameters, 4 Setpoint. 1)Setpoint-1 For light 2)Setpoint-2 For Heating 3)Setpoint-3&4 For cooling, 4.4 KVA direct output.

Switching Units(V-02406)

Specially designed to operate Air conditioners up to 2 Ton/Heat convectors Upto 4.4 KVA load or 110 tube lights. Input 200-240 VAC, 50HZ. Single Phase. Ambient 5 degree C to 50 RH upto 90%

Digital LUX Meter(V-02407)

A hand held digital light meter with integral sensor indicating Lux range.0 to 50 KL, 0 to 1000 KL. the sensor connects to the base of the meter, a one meter coiled lead. 3 switch selectable range 1)0-1999 lux (resolution 1 lux) 2)2000-19999 lux(resolution 10 lux) 3)20000-50000 lux(resolution 100 lux) Accuracy +/- (8% +2 digit)

LUX Meter(V-02408)

Basically(V-02407) measuring Range 0-200000 Lux

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems(V-02409)

A powerful, flexible SCADA software    Input: RH+T signal form sensor
Based on labview 7.0 from National Instruments    0~4 setpoint corresponding to temperature or Humidity
Flexible trend facility-current and historical    Accuracy:+/- 3% RH, +/- 0.3 degree C
Alarm function    User programmable
Works with Modbus RTU protocol    85~265V AC SMPS
Supports a maximum 32 instruments on single 2-wire RS485 bus and several such buses on one PC    Sensor break indication
Supports thousands of tags    2x isolated retransmission output Corresponding to temperature and /or Humidity
Store data upto 10 years    RS485/MODUS RTU
Compatiables with scanners, PID controllers, etc.    Sensor can be upto 50 meters from instrument
21 CFR PART11 version available    Ethernet connectivity available
(Minimum Pentium IV PC with 512 MB RAM to be provided)

Sensor PT-100(V-02410)

Platinum sensor probe Pt-100 (class A,)SS sensor, cable 5m, max var 0.20 C, Resistance standard 100 ohms, self heating error in 0 c/m W 0.6 in flowing air V-1 m/s And 0.24 in still air, response time in moving air 50% response in 6 sec and 80% response in 20 sec

Sensor PT-100 Fast Response(V-02411)

It is basically Code V-02410 with 80% response in 20 sec

Temperature, Humidity, Photoperiodic Monitor Panel(V-02412)

Specific for Green Houses, Growth Chambers, Poly Houses, Net Houses and any Other specific Houses & Chambers.Temperature (Code V-02401),Humidity(Code V-02425), Photoperiod(Code V-02415), microprocessors with monitoring systems. Accuracy temperature +/- 1 degree C, Humidity Display Accuracy- indicating value +/- 0.2% +/- 1 digit. Photoperiod +/- 1Sec./day. Collectively mounted in a combined cabinet with a common front panel with different controls and indicators for ease of operation and easy access.

Photoperiodic Controllers

Analogue Photoperiodic Controllers (V-02413):-

24hrs. repeat cycle. Min. On/Off period 10/15 min with NICAD battery auto recharging. Powered output can drive 110 tube lights of 40 W directly. Thermal safety 16Amp inbuilt. Accuracy +/- 8 Sec./day

Digital Photoperiodic Controllers (V-02414):-

Operates as per the photoperiod, 110 tube lights of 40/60 Watts each can be operated directly from the powered output. Weekly settings available for 14 periods 7 On-7 Off can be available in one day. Accuracy +/- 1 sec/day.NiCad battery backup upto 90 min, auto recharging is provided.

Programmable Photoperiodic Controllers (V-02414):-

Real time microprocessor based. Accuracy +/- 1 Sec./day. Resolution 1 Min. Weekly setting available for 16 periods. 8 On & Off in single day. Copy facility to repeat a set sequence on one or more week days. Digital selector. Auto reset during power failure. Cyclic On/Off with NiCad battery backup auto recharging. Thermal safety 16 Amp. Auto-manual selectable. LCD display

Qemer Photoperiodic Controllers(V-02416):-

Version with timer pulse reverification facility. Integral calender with automatic Winter/Summer time change on last Saturday in March/October respectively.(Tissue Culture)

Cyclic Analogue Timer(V-02417)

Specific for fogging, Misting systems, Humidifiers, De-humidifiers. 0-999 Min/Sec Off, automatic cycling. Accurate quartz Power output, can directly drive Humidifier/ De-humidifier/ other electrical load upto 4.4 KVA

Digital Cyclic Timer(V-02418)

It is basically V-02417 with 2/3/4 digits. output latched/ auto reset, there are less moving parts, hence reliability is higher

Sequential Timer(V-02419)

Operates two Cooling Systems upto 1.5 to 2 Ton Capacity alternately, directly from the powered output of timer. Min. On/Off cycle 15 min. Nicad backup up to 90 min auto recharging auto manual selectable. Input-110/220 V A.C.,50 Hz. Single phase, ambient 5 degree C to 50 degree C, RH-upto 95%

Axiomatic Timer(V-02420)

Operates four Air conditioners upto 1.5 Ton capacity each, alternately.Directly from powered output to timer. It is (V-02419) with double control systems

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