Temperature Controller

Ozone Generation Systems(V-02420)

Used for Ionic disinfection of Tissue Culture Rooms, Hardening Rooms, Cold Rooms and Other specified Rooms. Dry disinfection area 18 cubic meter, 35 cubic meter and 100 cubic meter space upto 90-95%. Wavelength 185 nm, Amp-2, Disinfection time 60 minutes. Autostop timer, hazardous area available for entry after 10 minutes of disinfection. Power Drive unit provided separately.
      V-02421-18 square meter, V-02422-35 square meter, V-02423-100 square meter

Digital & Humidity Controller (V-02424)

Temperature range 1-60 degree C with accuracy +/- 1 degree C, Red LED. Temp setting by front panel key switch feather touch operation.

Humidity range 20% to 95%. Accuracy +/- 2% red LED Humidity Setting. by front panel key switch feather touch operation.

Humidity Controllers

Microprocessor Microclimatic Humidity Controller(V-02425):-

Real Time Microprocessor based. On/Off control for Humidifying/Dehumidifying. Hysteresis/Differential 1% - 9%. Direct/Reverse selectable. Lock function to prevent miss operating. Fast response sensor, line resistance < 10W. Dispaly Accuracy - indicating value +/- 0.2% +/- 1 digit

Analoue Humidity controller(V-02426):-

Through Analogue controls with stand by provision, Controlling range: 20% -80%, accuracy +/- 8%.

Digital Humidity Controller(V-02427):-

Humidity range 20% to 95%. Accuracy +/- 2% Display 3 1/2 digit,0.5'',7 segment red LED Setting. Sensor Pt-100 powered output directly connected to upto 4.4 KVA Humidifier/Dehumidifier.

Vapour Humidifier(V-02428)

Simulated natural vapour 1.5/2 KVA. Automatic cut off device incorporated in continuous running position. Water consumption 1 ltr. Per Hour. Mechanical float fitted in sub storage unit. One suitable for maximum Room size:-10'x8'x8' cubic meters

Ultrasonic Vapour Humidifier(V-02429)

Creates natural humidity in Tissue Culture Room, Growth Room, Hardening Room, or any Specific Room without disturbing the inside temperature Vapours come out in cold form Room size:-10'x10'x8', 23 cubic meter.

Salient Features:-

1.Optimum Utilization of water.(Approx 150ml in one hour) 2.Instant Vaporization 3.No thermal water losses 4.Automatic water Selection system. 5.Auto off incase of non availability of water. 6.Very low electrical consumption.


Suitable for ambient temp 4 degree C to 50 degree C Dehumidication Range 5% to 95% One Unit suitable for 10'x10'x8', 23 cubic meter(Silica based)

De-Humidifier (V-02431)

Suitable for ambient 15 degree C to 35 degree C. Dehumidication Capacity Range 16 Litres per day at 30 degree C, 80% RH. One Unit suitable for maximum room size:- 10'x10'x8', 23 cubic meters (Compressor based)

Laminar AIR Flow (Horizontal Type/Vertical Type) (V-02432)

Working table of S.S. 304 HEPA of 0.3 of an efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3 micron media is of glass fiber & made of petals back & fro in an anodized aluminum frame pre filter of dry fiber washable type with the frame on all the sides conforms to the international standards 209E. Statically balanced motor blower assembly (Heavy Duty) Velocity at the output of HEPA is 90+/-20 PM noise level is very low, low vibration, Normal working fluorescent Light, Static pressure manometer, U.V. Light. The body is made of laminated board duly satin finished wherever necessary/M.S. Duly Power Coated/S.S. Body, Front & side Door of Acrylic Sheet (Transparent)/ U.V. Resistant Polycarbonate sheet. Gas cock, Size:- 2'x2'x2', 3'2''x2', 4'x2'x2', 8'x2'2'' Construction Material:- Wooden Body, Mild Steel Duly Power Coated/Stainless Steel (304)


  • High tech hot air oven- double walled.
  • Inside chamber is aluminum/stainless steel 304 Quality.
  • MS steel outside-epoxy server coated.
  • Temp Up to 300 C
  • Thermostatic control with +/- 1 degree C Accuracy
  • Power supply -220/230 Voltage A.C.
  • Air Circulation Fac (optional)
  • Thermometer, Digital Controller. (Optional)
Size:- 12''x12''x12'', 14''x14''x14'', 16''x16''x16'', 18''x18''x18'', 18''x18''x24'', 24''x24''x24''

Heat Convector (V-02434)

Heavy duty paralytic Technique which is ideal for heating in biotech work and Green House to complete circulation system in the complete area. Inbuilt auto thermal cut off device, Biotech grade 2.5 KW. It has ISI standard make heating element and ISI standard 900rpm speed fan they prevent SO2 injury to plants as caused by other makes of heaters due to improper combustion of fuel gases as a common phenomenon seen in Green House. Input 200-240 VAC, 50HZ, single phase. Ambient 5 degree C to 50 degree C, RH upto 90%

Radiator Heater (V-02435)

Specially designed to maintain temperature in Growth Chambers/Tissue Culture lab and other specified rooms.

Technical specifications:-

Oil filled heat dissipating fins (available in 8,9 or 10fins duly powder coated) regulating switch for higher intensity. Safety switch against tilting. Thermostatic controller. Built in safety fuse Castor for easy movability. Input 200-240 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase. Ambient 5-

AIR Exchange Unit (V-02436)

Fitted with HEPA Filter of an efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3 micron media of glass fiber & made of pleats back & fro in an anodized aluminum frame. Connected with Code No. (V-02418). For Tissue Culture Lab.

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