Tissue Culture Lab / Growth Rooms(V-02001)

Tissue Culture Lab Green House Poly House

Required Environment is simulated in converted Rooms highly Insulated/Labs through different types of Insulation materials/panels. Tissue Culture Castor Racks and Tissue Culture Lab are housed in them. Parameters are Controlled through Vista Biotech Control Panels, Supervisory control & Data Acquisition systems. Temp range 22 degree C +/- 2 degree C, RH 50 to 60% & Light through PAR

Tissue Culture Castor Racks(V-02301)

Height 5'8'', Width 4'2'' Length 18'' Shelves 5, lighting Facility in 4 shelves.Shelf to shelf distance 16'' 50'' x 18'' 3mm thick Glass/Hylem Citylam sheet in each shelf. Four tube lights 40 watt Flourescent cripton filled with Individual On/Off Switch in each shelf. Light intensity 3 Klux 5 cm above the shelf surface, 10 Klux at the source. Solid State Baiiasts(Code V-023045), Electronic ballastsare specially tested and approved by ERTL for use upto 300 V. Frame mild steel Powder Coated with Castors.

V-02302:- With PAR, Shelves,6 Nos.(Lighting facility in Five shelves)
V-02303:- Frame Aluminium/S.S 304 Grade,(Lighting facility in Four shelves)
V-02304:- Commercial Tisue culture Trolley-7'1'' Height with 5 working shelves(Shelf Size 36''x50'')
V-02305:- Basically(02301) Facility with Electronic + Copper Ballast both through connector

Photosynthetically Active Radiation Lights (PAR)(V-02306)

According to DIN & IEC standard(Spectrum 380 nm-780 nm).

Fluorescent Tube Light(Philips/Osram Make) 40 W (V-02307)

Standard designs provided

Code No Area Price
V-02301 Tissue Culture Growth Racks 23,800
V-02302 TCGR (with PAR) 29,800
V-02303 TCGR (SS) 67,900
V-02304 TCGR Commercial 56,900
V-02305 TCGR (Electronic + Copper) Ballast 74,500
V-02306 PAR Lights 195
V-02307 Normal Tube Light 48

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